Stella of Midgaard

A daring ranger from Midgaard


Stella is a tall striking woman, with long straw-colored hair that she wears in a single braid slung over her shoulder. She has haunted eyes the color of the sea during a storm that are framed by long silken lashes. She wears animal skins and furs and is rarely seen without her bow and quiver.


Stella was born in the village of Drawald and grew up the youngest of five siblings. Her father was the master carpenter for the village. She fell in love with a young man named Adrian who was apprenticed with the local stonemason, but her parents did not approve because he did not have much wealth, they wanted Stella to marry Laif, one of the apprentice carpenters.

So Stella and Adrian ran away together and married. They travelled to the village of Millbridge where they had heard rumors that the master stonemason had died and Adrian became the resident stone mason. Stella hunted and sold skins and furs to help get them on their feet, and they built a dwelling together just outside of town.

Stella born Adrian a son named Colby who was a happy baby and brought much joy to his parents. Stella missed her family, but rejoiced in the new family that she and Adrian had created. Everything seemed perfect for awhile, but then the plague swept through the village. First Adrian became sick and then Colby, within short order Stella had lost both her loving husband and sweet baby boy.

Stella couldn’t bear to have the people of the village regard her with pity and tell her how sorry they were for her loss, so she avoided town as much as possible. She remained in seclusion for a long time, hunting to supply her food and only traveling to town to sell the furs on occasion.

After awhile, Stella began to venture into the forest and hunt dangerous beasts. She became known for her talent with a bow, and got a reputation for being brave but a bit reckless. Stella has a weakness for children in trouble or sick, and she will go to great lengths to help a child in need.

Stella of Midgaard

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