Part I
In Which Erik Stor encounters a troll,
meets the Great Bear of the North,
and becomes Erik Bearheart

The sky was broken and the ground did shake
The tempest left destruction in its wake
The heaven and the earth did go to war
And usher’d in the birth of Erik Stor
Into the shatter’d world he was then thrown
As water rended ‘part the mountain stone

To brave Brynjar and Elsa he was born
To one day save a frightened world forlorn
With his Grandfather’s hammer in his hand
He voyaged out to help protect the land
With master Gor he worked both night and day
As blacksmith in Kalbaek, astride the bay

When seven years had fin’lly come and gone
Young Erik ‘woke to face a brand new dawn
He set out to the mountain peaks so high
To forge his destiny upon the sky
To find a place wherein he could rest
Young Erik found a bear’s deserted nest

As dreams of bloodshed haunted Erik’s mind
He woke to journey on, and turned to find
A sky of sanguine fire to the West
And forth it poured as if of Hell’s own breast
Kalbaek, behind a shroud of trees, did flare
Under the grotesque sign of the North Bear
Upon wings of eagles Erik flew
His feet did not disturb the morning dew

In to the town he charged, hammer aloft
Only to hear the moans and cries so soft
A fleeting shape now at the edge of sight
A vicious beast, the cause of all this blight
A troll, there stood, with eyes of flame and maw
of snarling rage. As Erik stood, in awe.

As it ran forth, its claw came down, it knock’d
young Erik to the ground. He was then shocked
To turn and see it flee into the wood
Then Erik ran, to do the best he could
Back into town he went, with renewed speed
To help his former neighbors was his creed

Back to the mountain top, he went that night
With hands dirtied, and drained of all his might
As Erik lay among the whistling trees
He heard a whisper carried on the breeze
The stars on high did shine with newborn grace
Their blinding light shone down upon his face

Out of the shadows stepped a snow-white bear
With eyes of crystal, piercing the night air
He spoke to Erik, filling him with light
Preparing him for the oncoming fight
As Erik woke, he found upon his back
A cloak of fur, but the ground bore no track


The Seventh Age of Disdain AshenHaze Cadwgan