Part II
In Which Erik Stor meets Ceridwin,
is tempted by foul water spirits,
and appeases a spirit of the sea.

Between the sturdy trees the wind did scream
the water poured down, swelling up the stream
This storm was not of nature, Erik knew
As chaos in the sky now swelled and grew
He waited for the storm to surely pass,
When came a gnarled man and comely lass

They sat aside the fire to dry their clothes,
As Olaf of the Cask shakily rose.
He threw his tankard at the old man’s back,
When in the pub all list’ners heard a smack.
The old man rose and challenged him to fight,
When armed with mugs the two men were a sight.

When shortly later Olaf hit the floor,
The door flung open widely with a roar.
Thurston strode in, rain dripping from his hair
As he saw Svana sit upon the Bear
She jumped up in surprise, but was pulled back
As Erik struck her bottom with a smack

A fight broke out, as Erik held her fast
To this stranger he would not lose his lass
He struck at Thurston, striking the man’s jaw
For in this bar, his fist alone was law
In no short while Thurston backed away
And only Erik Svana did obey.

The two newcomers to the party came
The rough old man and Ceredwin the dame
They listened to a tale of raging seas
And joined together to answer their pleas
They set out in the morn with Thurston brave
To find if this plagued town they could all save

To go by river is a dang’rous game
There in the deep blue water was a dame
She called to Erik, summoning him in
She played on primal urges deep within
Into the river Erik quickly plunged
But Stella followed suit and bravely lunged

She pulled him to the shore and lay beside
As a shout rose from the throat of their guide
They both arose and quickly turned to see
A young lass circled, horrid spirits three
The troop charged in and slaughtered the whole lot
As more climbed from the depths to the onslaught

The horde of spirits could not now withstand
The brave attacks of this heroic band
When all were gone the band then took their leave
For the town must be cursed, they all believed
Their ship then swiftly carried them to sea,
But Erik was tempted by spirit’s pleas

As finally they came upon the town
They waited till the sun had fallen down
In darkness they would all as one sneak in
But suddenly the elder did begin
He strode bravely into the town alone
When all around erupted with a groan

The troop rushed in to help the old man flee
They sought their refuge far from troubled sea
When sun awoke the troop, they traveled on
Now praying for the cover of the dawn
Into the cave of spirits they all went
To show the Sea their unselfish intent

Upon the sea six gifts they did bestow
Staves, stories and a bow they placed below
The sea calmed down and allowed them to leave
Three times its normal tribute, to now recieve
But Erik it now warned, was surely marked
His freedom, to win back, the troop embarked


The Seventh Age of Disdain AshenHaze Cadwgan