The party returned to the recently saved town to attempt to solicit a reward, but found the town short of resources due to the theft of their tribute. However, the received a cask of plenty, filled with ale.

Their reward was short lived, however. On their way to finding the Selkie, the party was halted as Gris fell into a the den of the Fae. After plunging in after him, Erik was cunningly tricked into selling his soul, which was only retrieved after handing the cask over to the Fae. After making one last deal—for a magical hammer, the party left with Gris, who was to return on the third year.

Shortly after leaving, the party found the shelter of the Selkie maiden. She asked Erik to retrieve her skin, which had been stolen by an agent of the Forest Spirit King. This satyr later found the party, as they rested in the forest, and stole Erik’s enchanted hammer, and brought it into a nearby cave. Inside the cave, the party found, lived at least two adult Trolls.

Enraged by the presence of the Trolls, Erik decided to fight. However, after a long and painful battle, the party was forced to flee. Not, however, before destroying the cave of the Trolls. The party plans on seeking out the weakened Trolls, perhaps with a plan, to finish them off.


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