Character Points

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A character only earns deed points upon the completion of some great task, such as slaying a terrible creature or completing a story arc. Deed points can be spent in a variety of ways.

Add Dice Once per scene a character may add his deed rating to his dice pool for a roll.

Not ready to die A character may spend a deed point to ignore the effects of his wounds for 1 + his remaining deed points in rounds.


Most heroes have some sort of destiny, to perform feats above common abilities. Destiny points are what power most of a character’s powers and special abilities. A character’s maximum destiny rating is four plus their charisma. Destiny points are awarded by the GM during game, in addition all character’s who are not critically injured gain one destiny point per day.


Morale points are similar to destiny points, but have no cap and are awarded by the GM for various reasons. A morale point may be spent to re-roll any roll. Two Morale points may be spent too re-roll only the failed dice of a roll.

Character Points

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