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Session 1

  • Erik defeats Olaf the drunkard in a drinking concert.
  • Gris topples Geralf, the champion fisticuff of Mill Bridge.
  • Conlan tells a tale to be long remembered.
  • Danica’s uncle turned Ghoul slain by party.
  • Two marauding Jotun slain by party.

Session 2

  • Erik defeats Thurston for Svana
  • Marc defeats Olaf by use of tankard
  • Marc and Ceredwin join the party to free a town besieged by a sea spirit
  • Conlan, with the party, rescue a lass from ghouls in a riverside town
  • Griz rescues Marc from a horde of ghouls in the seaside town
  • The party appeases the sea spirit, promising three times its normal tribute
  • Erik’s freedom from the water spirit’s clutches is promised in return for the party rescuing a friend of the sea spirit


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